WeChat Integration

Expand Your Reach to Chinese Audiences Worldwide!

WeChat Integration Options

Integrate a WeChat feature directly into your iOS, Android, or Windows app!


WeChat Mini-Programs

Creating a mini app with WeChat radically increases branding and engagement for your business. Create, store, or service apps to engage your followers for a longer time and increase traffic by providing multiple entry points to your landing pages.


WeChat Pay

Accounting for over 90% of China's third-party payment market share and covering 70% of Chinese population. Integrate the option to pay with WeChat into your app to drive revenue from increased customer transactions!

Connect with millions.

In China, web platforms such as Google, Facebook, Twitter and Amazon have been taken place by WeChat. WeChat is a cross platform messaging, social media and mobile payment app that reaches over a million people daily. Through our leading edge technology and deep understanding of the Chinese audience, we can help you to expand your reach to this global audience.

Expand your reach now!