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Summit BIM

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About the Client

Summit BIM is an industry leader in interpretation of building data.

9 Months+
Summit BIM
3 Developers

Harnessing the digital revolution in building management

Built for Owners and their Facility Management Teams

Technology Used

  • .NET 4.6 MVC
  • My SQL
  • Adobe Rivet
  • Autocad


Summit BIM works with building owners and managers to enhance and interpret structural data. Their business is very unique. Their tech allows property owners or managers to generate custom manuals with specifications of every structural aspect. That includes lightbulbs to dishwashers, with serial number and warranty information. We’re talking about the future of property ownership and management.

Summit BIM summary


Summit BIM had been working with an outsourced programmer. Unfortunately, communication had been challenging and the coding practices weren’t up to speed. The current user interface was lean, with no resources and outdated design. Trades contractors needed access to extract and upload data.


Facilitating a transition to better processes without overly disrupting their team. The databases were messy and we needed to work collaboratively to clean them up. Working with legacy programs, code and processes. The nature of the program itself is also a hard-to-understand system. Getting up to speed with regard to domain knowledge was challenging. The client had a lot of choices to make and was still solidifying direction.


We have developed targeted solutions for each of these problems. Firstly, we’ve supported them with guidance and helped improve the processes and codebase. We developed their data extraction module for trades contractors and upgraded their user interface. We also redesigned the user interface.


We overhauled and upgraded the design for the internal system upgrades in line with brand image.

Summit BIM solution


The data extraction module now allows trades contractors to access information on serial numbers, specs, warranties, etc., for any property or space they are working in. The system runs effectively to store big data and generate custom manuals.