Case Study


Better rest for better performance

The Sleep Cognition App

About the Client

The Sleep Cognition App means better rest for better performance

6 months+
1 Team Lead, 2 Developers

Wellness as synonymous with excellence


Seamless functionality to support a full sleep experience

Technology Used

  • HTML5, CSS3
  • PaintCode
  • Android Native, iOS Native
  • Java
  • MySQL, PHP
  • Objective C


Restworks provides workplace napping facilities in workplaces and universities. Their business objective is to champion the positive effect personal care and de-escalation can have on wellbeing and quality of work.

The Sleep Cognition app from Restworks helps you nap and sleep effectively. It combines audio sessions from the world’s leading providers, as well as tips and tools to support good habits for rejuvenating rest. The Sleep Cognition app can be used as a standalone application, or as part of a Restworks corporate solutions program.

Restworks summary


Mass adoption of the core technologies of the business (rest pods) was slow. Hustle and hyper-productivity culture defy the biological necessity of rest. Therefore, disseminating information about the traceable impacts good sleep habits can have was key to generating further interest. The app that they had to do so was outdated and poorly reviewed; resistant to engagement.


The features needed to be aesthetically designed and implemented in a unified structure to maintain consistency. Moreover, there were third parties (IT team) involved during the project, making communication and access challenging. It was a hard-to-navigate codebase.


We remodeled their Sleep Cognition App with a fresh new look and seamless functionality to support a full sleep experience. The easily navigated app combines audio sessions from the world's leading providers with tips and tools to support good habits for a rejuvenating rest.

Restworks solution


We reskinned the user interface of the mobile application on iOS and Android frameworks, Our focus was on usability and adaptability. Upgrading this aspect was key in bringing contemporary relevance to the software.


As described in the context of design, there were a multitude of milestones we achieved in the Restworks project. Not only did we integrate high functioning features, payment capture and a reservation system, the entire app was upgraded to relevancy. The look of the app gives users a contemporary, intuitive experience.