Case Study

Morden Education Center

Developed for educators and students everywhere

E-platform to manage students

About the Client

Morden Education Center is an education app designed to elevate engagement

1 month
Morden Education Center
1 Team Lead, 2 Developers

Cutting-edge technology for remote education

Increase engagement for students

Technology Used

  • Ionic Angular
  • C#
  • .NET Core
  • Web API
  • MS SQL
  • IIS


The Morden Education Center Assessment App is developed for educators and students everywhere. Translating remote assessment and grade posting into an intuitive, contemporary experience. Our team worked to landscape a UI experience that would be genuinely appealing to a student cohort; high functioning, clean in design and fun.

ODLE Education Summary


The demands of increasingly remote education have led to reduced engagement for countless students. Teachers have felt not only the pressure of adapted learning, they’ve had to process the change themselves. On a personal note, our client did not have an e-platform to manage their students, and wanted to move away from legacy ways of writing exams. They wanted greater ease, efficiency and insight.


With a tight turnaround time and some resources loaned out, we had to carefully plan our two week testing period. This meant ensuring we had the appropriate devices on which to test, knowing that our demographic uses a wide variety of mobiles and tablets. Once this was in place, use cases for future uses were developed. We were able to confirm that the app flow is smooth.


A contemporary, sleek and intuitive mobile app that prioritizes usability. To achieve this, we used a framework called ionic to make a hybrid application. With two codebases, we created four applications; two for iOS and two for Android.


Accessibility was a huge consideration when designing this app. It needed to be intuitive and clear; an easy space to complete assessments and track grades. It would also allow teachers whose technological understanding is limited to adopt it immediately.

ODLE Education Solution


With an Agile framework, our developers were able to identify and respond to problems that arose. They worked on database migration and admin features, styling and API route implementation. The result is a seamless app that allows for creation and delivery of assessments. Student insights allow for the teacher to have a comprehensive overview of progress and areas of attention.

The stat page provides numerous filters for search, including age and gender. When searches are location-based, you can filter by average, minimum and maximum scores for each kind of test, and location. The app provides a calendar that allows the user to pick a specific date along with time slots, create an assessment, and retrieve assessments that belong to a specific date. Teachers can also leave a memo and upload a file to an assessment.


“They accomplished the vision I had for a consequential tool in just a month. Not only does it function as hoped, it looks great, too.” - Founder, Joyce App