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Mom & Pop

Shop local and save money!

Ecommerce Mobile Application

About the Client

Mom and Pop is an app championing local business and community engagement

5 months+
Mom and Pop
1 Team Lead, 2 Developers

Local commerce for communities of the future

The premier small business marketplace

Technology Used

  • React Native
  • ASP NET Core
  • MVC
  • EF Core
  • MS SQL
  • IIS


Mom and Pop is a mobile app solution that allows users to source goods and services locally. This small business marketplace also has exclusive discounts and coupons for use within the system. The owner, Isaac Payne, asked us to develop this app in alignment with his concept. Following our development period, we are now in a maintenance phase with Mom and Pop.

Mom & Pop Summary


In an increasingly connected world, calls for conscientious commerce have led to grassroots solutions. Customers are driven to support businesses that are people-first, green and local. Conversely, SMEs with hard-won ethical approaches can struggle to compete with big businesses that signal their principles through marketing. The Western world is at an impasse between wanting a greater sense of community and being more baited by isolation and consumerism than ever.


The design was outsourced and out of alignment with our preferred approach. In addition, there were frequent changes made. The Agile framework readied us to accept these changes and adapt our interface as needed. Realizing our client’s vision for the project remained our focused objective.


A centralized app that allows people to connect in their community and shop locally, with incentive. Not only do customers get to support small business, they’re able to access exclusive deals. This fosters a greater sense of wellbeing and mutual benefit. Plus, it’s great for the local economy.

Mom & Pop
Mom & Pop Solution


We created a native app for both iOS and Android, using React Native. This was to ensure the highest level of functionality on both operating systems. The same code base can be used on both platforms, significantly reducing development time. For administration data and app management, we developed a RESTful API and website page. A vendor portal was created for managing vendor and discount data. Both of these sites were built using ASP NET MVC.

Features are customized for each user interface; vendor, customer and admin. All have functions for sourcing local business; exclusive deals and discounts and managing accounts.


“They’re very smart and good at what they do. I never doubted their competency or that I could trust them to offer the best solution possible for the project.” - Isaac Payne, Owner of Mom and Pop