Case Study


producing luxury vehicles and commercial vehicles

The Manufacturing Execution System (MES)

About the Client

Mercedes-Benz is known internationally for its luxury and commercial vehicles.

Daimler AG
1 Team Lead, 1 Developer

Implementing user permission


Manage users effectively

Technology Used

  • .NET 4.6
  • C#
  • JQuery
  • jQWidgets


Mercedes-Benz’s Canadian arm reached out to us to assist with upgrades for their Manufacturing Execution System (MES). We upgraded their directory access protocol, enhancing user permissions and navigating their virtual machine.

Mercedes-Benz summary


The Manufacturing Execution System (MES) required an upgrade and was not functioning in an efficient way for users. Permissions were haphazard and made personnel management challenging.


The Virtual Machine provided ran quite slowly, and the code was challenging at times to understand. Working through it collaboratively in order to execute the upgrade was the best approach.


We've assisted the MES team with implementing user permission and some new features. This included creating a permission table for them to manage users effectively, and replacing their authorization mode. The LDAP was upgraded to SQL mode, and permissions are now given depending on which group a user belongs to.

Mercedes-Benz our solution


Mercedes-Benz has a dedicated design approach, within which bounds we worked to maintain brand integrity. This meant changes needed to be aligned with the creative elements that were already there.