Case Study

MDD Transporation

Ride Hailing App

Ride Sharing Platform

About the Client

MDD is a leading US provider of technology solutions for learners and educational institutions

12 months
MDD Transportation Inc.
4 Developers

Quick team scaling from two to 30 experts


Six projects with flexible delivery models

Technology Used

  • Ionic Framework
  • ASP.NET Core 2.2 MVC
  • C#
  • Firebase


Introducing your new favorite ride share app, MDD. Catering to a niche market, the app is a new competitor to existing ride share apps like Uber and Via. Features integrated include GPS tracking, multiple payment times, reviews and more.

The client provided Synic with the UI, and identified their vision for the project. Our designers reviewed and revised the material in Figma. Following discussion, Synic rebuilt the project from the ground up, integrating the best of the features that were previously included, while innovating completely.

MDD summary


Global ride sharing apps have such a big market share that entering as a competitor is very challenging. MDD was created to cater to a niche market, strategically identifying the primary demographic as Asian communities living in Vancouver. Establishing an app that was communicable to this population as well as a wider audience meant accessibility and comfort to those who may not be able to use other available apps.


Because the idea for MDD is to make it as user friendly for the Asian community as possible, there were a few challenges when it came to designing the UI. We had to rework the broken logic and codebases, while making the process expedient. New logic and databases had to be created for features such as tips and promotions, saving user location and retrieving the closest ride. Additionally, the overall interaction between the user and driver were challenges to overcome as well.


A contemporary, sleek and intuitive mobile app that prioritizes usability. To achieve this, we used a framework called ionic to make a hybrid application. With two codebases, we created four applications; two for iOS and two for Android.


We were inspired by the market leaders’ slick, metropolitan feel. We angled for the same aesthetic, while giving it our own spin.

MDD solution


The ease of being able to easily choose the type of ride you want to use and pay for it was a big factor for MDD. Users can choose from smaller cars to bigger cars, or single use and car pool for example. Easily paying via credit card, wechat pay, or other forms of payments make it a seamless experience for the user. Accurate user locations means that the user can comfortably rely on their driver to find them easily.


“They have created one of the most sophisticated ride hailing apps in the market as a lot of features are not even available from the major companies like Uber or Lyft.” - President of MDD Transport