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About the Client

The leading resource for investment research in Australia

2 years+
InvestSMART Group Limited
6 Developers

1m+ users


A great team with a proven track record

Technology Used

  • Microsoft Azure
  • Azure SQL
  • ReactJs
  • AngularJs
  • Scheduled Tasks



With over one million users, InvestSMART is the leading source for investment research in Australia. Through custom software, Synic software redesigned InvestSMART’s entire backend system, admin panel, as well as implementing a well-designed and user-friendly website. We aided InvestSMART's digital transformation success through our persistent practicality during the development process.


InvestSMART’s software systems were aging. They needed an upgrade to ensure competitive edge, and tech to reflect the integrity of the work they were doing. Millions of sensitive data is processed through the site each day; therefore, robust security was also important.


The main challenge was the heavy workload involved in securing the database. Behind-the-scenes work had to be done in a way that did not compromise any pre-existing elements. We also had to make sure that we met expectations of the end-user during our process of development. Our development team focused on requirements gathering, not only honing in on business strategy, but branding and compliance as well.


With our custom software solution, InvestSMART was able to transition their legacy business model into a subscriber-based business model that supported both monthly and annual subscriptions for their 3 business arms. The project has been ongoing for several years and is still in process.


A core part of our focus was the revamp of the site’s look. It needed to feel high-end but not exclusive, professional and trustworthy. That said, we wanted the contemporary clean lines and clear imagery.


The backend system consisted of over 200 entity-relationship tables, processing and importing over 1M new financial data each day. These were drawn from over 10 stock exchanges worldwide. We implemented public and private API to access this financial data and research insights for InvestSMART. Synic Software also helped build InvestSMART’s secure portfolio manager and health check tools that stores investors’ and stockbrokers’ sensitive financial information.


"I had a positive experience working with...Synic Software Company. I was really impressed by how well they understood my needs. They put my web application together within the deadline and on budget. I’d recommend using Synic software web application solutions to anyone seeking a functional web application development or wanting to revamp their existing one." - Software Developer Lead, InvestSMART