Case Study

Up Most Education Center

Education Solution

web and mobile applications for Education sector

About the Client

Up Most Education Center is a software solution for operations in the education industry

2 months
Up Most Education Center
1 Team Lead, 2 Developers

Designed for tutoring and private schools


Helping the students achieve their goals

Technology Used

  • React Native
  • ASP NET Core
  • MVC
  • EF Core
  • MS SQL
  • IIS


Our client engaged us to develop a solution for the education industry, specifically in a tutoring or private school context. This software would help streamline operations, centralizing increasingly remote coordination.

InInTown Summary


The client had an idea for an app that could facilitate the professional lives of teachers and engage students. The public health situation of 2020 saw devastating effects across the sector, with the secular lives of young people compromised. An app that takes stress out of remote education, rather than adding too it, could be invaluable.


Our greatest challenge was developing a fully functional, well-designed and utile app in a short period of time. With a timeline of two months, we had to optimize our output and review systems to ensure quality of deliverables.


Synic developed web and mobile applications for teacher and student purposes, along with an admin interface.

The teacher app gives access to scheduling, student and class information. Attendance and performance can be marked, and reports provided in both phonic and written progression. Photos can be shared in a course-specific chatroom.

The student app provides scheduling, attendance and report card information. We integrated a sticker/rewards system to increase engagement and user experience. Photos can also be shared in a course-specific chatroom.

The admin interface allows for schedule, class and course management, teacher and student profiles. It also acts as an intermediary for stickers and rewards.


We opted for an engaging, bright interface that would help catch the attention of the students. This would also help to infer a positive connotation for remote education experiences. It was important to tap into the aesthetic of Gen Z and what they gravitate towards, in order to truly provide an app that was going to be useful to them. Without a gratifying experience or high functionality, it simply wouldn’t engage enough to help the students achieve their goals.

InInTown Solution


As a result of the Agile efforts of our developers, this neat little app is ready to go. Its contemporary design, ease of use and high performance make it a game changer for student-teacher performance engagement. We are in talks regarding further development of the user interface for the Admin portal.


“The development timeline in my mind, was quite fast -- just two months. Their efficiency without compromising on quality was awesome. “ - Founder, Inintown