Case Study

Design Lighthouse

Comprehensive inspection of household products and interior design

Community + Service Platform

About the Client

Connects talented interior designers with prospective clients

12 months+
Design Lighthouse
1 Senior Developer, 1 Full-stack Developer

3,000+ designers on platforms


Find beautiful interior projects

Technology Used

  • .NET MVC
    Web API
    MS SQL
    Stored Procedures
    Elastic Search
    HTML5, CSS3


Design Lighthouse is a web platform to find beautiful interior projects, gain inspiration, and connect with designers. Interior designers have the opportunity to list their work and gain exposure. A symbiotic interface for those who love interior design. Design Lighthouse came to us when this project was partially developed. Synic took it and completely rebuilt the application from the ground up.

DesignIDK Summary


Design Lighthouse began as a blog for interior designers. The owners wanted to upgrade and transition into a more mature platform. This would allow them to write articles about diverse projects and companies. Clients would be able to post on the platform. Lastly, Design Lighthouse wanted a fresh new look for their website and Synic was there to help.


We used the old website as API and connected to the new interface. Following the suggestion of a new design and ideas to the client, we decided to start from scratch. Our client made the development process very smooth and straightforward. They provided us with design files and Synic was able to complete and launch the application in three weeks’ time.


The primary obstacle was performance issues while building the new API. Synic tried to work with software that was existing, however decisions were quickly made for us to rebuild the entire platform.


To make browsing more comfortable, the client chose colours that were complementary and muted to look at. This allows the content to be the focal point of attention on the page.

DesignIDK Solution


The platform provides an infinite scroll which allows the users to browse without stress. Users can use filters to find specific designs they are interested in, which allows them to save time. In addition, users are able to look at a picture and click on the items shown in the picture that they are interested in, which will provide more information about the item.