Case Study

CC Mall

Global Marketplace

E-commerce Marketplace

About the Client

CC Mall is a thriving e-commerce marketplace, bringing North American goods to clients worldwide.

24 months+
China Canada Mall
1 Team Lead, 2 Full-stack Developers

$1M+ in sales over 9 months following launch


E-commerce marketplace & Logistics freight company

Technology Used

  • ASP.NET Core
  • C#
  • NopCommerce
  • ShipStation
  • AngularJS
  • Microsoft SQL
  • HTML5, CSS3, Javascript


China Canada (CC) Mall is a large e-commerce marketplace. The platform targets people who are interested in purchasing goods from large North American retailers, but do not have physical proximity to do so.

CC Mall also owns a separate logistics freight company that keeps international shipping rates competitive. The logistics storefront is located in Richmond, British Columbia, providing convenient access for its users.

CC Mall sought a software development solution for an e-commerce system.


The client was hoping for their separate logistics business to be integrated into one, larger hub. They did a lot of processing manually, having started their business on a small scale, and were ready to take the next step. However, they didn’t have the internal know-how to implement the right technology.


As an integration of two separate businesses, there was a need to seek ongoing clarification in order to remain compliant. Existing source code had to be worked with. There were detailed requirements to review and manual process to convert to digital. Business-specific rulesets were extensive, with a large amount of features. It was also a tight timeframe.


Synic Software built a customized e-commerce system for CC Mall. Notable features included:

  • Custom integration with the client’s separate logistics business
  • Site-wide special pricing for VIP clients
  • Multi-vendor log-in, allowing sellers to list their products for sale
  • Support for WeChat and Alipay payments


Our core focus was usability; we had to take care to fully embody, and consistently, the customer’s brand. We collaboratively opted for a mass market angle, making the shopping experience eye-catching and exciting.


With the help of our work, the client was able to transform their low volume, manual, garage-based business into a much larger business that now employs 8 staff members, with a sales figure of $1M CAD less than 9 months after launch. The website is responsive and fun, with seamless administrative management functions. In continued partnership, we are going to help CC Mall expand via a new channel. We will use React Native to build a WeChat mini program for the business.


“They were committed and invested in the project as if it were their own.” - Cara Wu, General Manager of CC Mall