Case Study

Camp Control

Efficient exploration - online - on time!

Management system for Minerals Exploration

About the Client

The world’s only online management system for Minerals Exploration

18 months+
Camp Control
1 Senior Developer

$1M+ in sales over 9 months following launch


E-commerce marketplace & Logistics freight company

Technology Used

  • Edzio
  • VB.NET
  • Telerik
  • MS Azure


Camp Control is a mineral exploration management provider. With the only comprehensive system for all sector needs, features include work logs; schedules; travel arrangements; purchase orders and more. Available in four languages and used internationally since 2007, Camp Control is an indispensable tool for explorers, logistics companies and service providers.

They engaged us to secure their operating code and do a thorough clean-up, so that it could work on any computer. Upgrading the host, we then turned to maintenance, looking after the health of the website. We are currently in discussion towards a collaborative design revamp.

CampControl Summary


The code we were given only worked on their computer, which they delivered to us to work with. They’ve always been using the same hardware and storing everything on there, without a repository. This creates two key issues; one is that if the computer dies, the code is lost. The other is that efficient growth and refinement is out of the question, as collaborative maintenance isn’t possible.


Having just one computer on which the code could operate meant higher stakes for a safe and efficient back-up to a cloud. There were lots of moving parts and code that was developed haphazardly, or quickly, due to lack of resources. These needed to be tracked and resolved.


We modernized the infrastructure for Camp Control, taking the hardware, annotating it and uploading it safely to a cloud repository. We set about resolving hitches in the code, which was an in-depth process.

CampControl Solution


By far the most elaborate phase of the project was restoring the code to a functional, healthy place. This took time and attention to detail, making sure that there was consistency in structure; something which had previously been neglected. This code is now safely stored, functional and versatile, and we have been able to maintain the website much more efficiently.