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InvestSMART Group (ASX:INV) is a listed financial services company empowers their users with financial knowledge allowing them to make educated financial decisions. They currently have over 1 million users.

We helped InvestSMART re-architect and refresh their aging systems. Over the course of 2 years, we successfully transformed and extended their entire system with the latest technologies.

Financial Robo-Advice, InvestSMART wanted us to create an evolutionary financial robo advisor service helping users identify potential flaws in their investment portfolio. A financial healthcheck is first conducted along with suggested improvements to help users adjust for risk exposure and correctly diversify their investment portfolios.


When Michael, co-founder of dluff approached us, they were in a bit of a crisis. Having had 2 failed attempts with different software development firms in Hong Kong and Vancouver over the past 9 months means they have wasted both precious and critical time and budget for their startup business.

Having understood their situation, we decided to help them out at no profit, billing them at raw cost. We quickly gathered the requirements from them and commenced development, providing them owners with a live preview site to track our progress. A month later, development completed and their website was successfully delivered to them with positive user feedback.

My Property Tools

My Property Tools is a online property management suite designed to assist landlords with property management.

We built a feature that allows users to send the system with copies of their property's bills via email, which is then processed to be paid at a pre-configured date before it's due. With the assistance of machine learning and image recognition technologies, the system is able to reduce the business' overhead with processing and responding to bill payments.

The client also requested us to build a reward feature allowing users to earn reward points for every transaction the system helps process.

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My Property Tools
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