Interview with Tony, Back-end developer of Synic Software

by Helen |
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Interview with Tony, Back-end developer of Synic Software


Quick intro:


Name: Tony So


Position: Back-End Developer 


With Synic Software since? January 2019


Where are you from? Originally from Hongkong and grew up in Vancouver.



What is your favorite food?


There’s a lot of variety of food that I enjoy since I consider myself a foodie. I was able to self discover the passion of being a foodie ever since my trip to hong kong in 2014, when I was able to really discover what it meant to eat everyday food but elevated, such as a deconstructed xiao long bao at Hong Kong. During my trip, I was really interested in trying a large variety based on the culture. Ever since I’ve been more into the quality of food rather than the quantity. 







My second favorite food is Ramen. I tried ramen from a ramen restaurant in Vancouver for the first time during high school and really liked the combination of a good pork-based broth and noodles. I was able to try different kinds of ramen during my travels to Hong Kong and Japan and was really able to taste how it’s really made.




What does a software developer do?


What a software developer does is try to solve a problem using the software it can be anything from everyday tasks or automation such as sorting out the garbage or even looking at the time for example. For me a typical day involves me waking up around 6:30 am and getting ready for work and then heading out around 7 so I'll get to the office around 8 am and then I just grab a coffee and get straight to work. 



Why did you choose this career path?


When I was younger I was interested in technology in general since I love playing video games so as I grew older I grew more interest in computer in general so I decided to learn more about it by going into software development so that’s where I started getting my passion all of it. 


What do you love most about your job?


I love to solve problems so every problem is kind of like a puzzle in some source so once you get that puzzle solved it feels really good. 


What are the downsides of your job?


There are a lot of downsides to it. It can be really frustrating when it feels like you’re not getting anywhere but there are lots of upsides like I mentioned earlier  I think that in terms of downside besides taking to the clients finding investors all those stuff one major downside would be to stare at the computer all day and just sit there.




What qualifications do you need?


I think a qualification is to be able to pursue tasks and have a passion into computer software development in general so if you are not really into solving problems and software development I don’t really advise you to this field but I think going forward all you need to do is to have an eagerness to learn and just keep pushing forward. 

What skills do you need?


Well in terms of skills you need to learn how you need to learn some basic algorithms you need to learn some basic data structure and but after that it’s all about learning as you go and grow as a software developer overall. 



What are all of the different types of software developing?


Beside me a backend developer where you work to get data process there is also a front end developer which kind of shows the client or you and me, in general, like what it looks like and using the data that we got from the backend. there is a full-stack development that does a bit of both and there is also a UI developer which makes it look very good for us. 



What advice do you have?


For software development, you just need to keep perusing on what you like and just keep having an eagerness to learn cause if you don’t have those traits It’s gonna be really hard to push forward.