Quick Intro 


Eric has been with Synic Software for over a year and a half now. He is a talented mobile developer. He took a two-year program at British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT) studying Computer Information Technology (CIT). After that, he continued his studies for another two years taking Network Security Administration.



Do you have any pets?


Yes, two dogs. I have two huskies one male (Logan) and one female (Ginger) Logan is three years old and Ginger is four years old. I have to walk them every day for forty to fifty minutes with my dad or my girlfriend since it’s hard to handle them myself. They sometimes pull you.






What is your favorite food?



Steak, I usually crave for steak. Last week, I went to every Western restaurant to try out their New York steak. I went to The Keg, Cactus Club, Joey, Boathouse and Gotham.