How will Technology Upgrade Affect your Business

by Rozhin Kardan, Marketing Coordinator

By adopting some of today’s modern technological innovations, you can dramatically enhance operational efficiency, growth in sales, accessibility, branding, and scalability for your business.

In this blog, we will briefly go through the advantages of how having up-to-date technology in place will help your business.

Below are some of the major impacts that technology will have on your business:

Operational Efficiency

Technology provides business owners with a stronger visual representation of how their businesses’ are operating, allowing them to make better-operating decisions. For instance, wholesale business can benefit from an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software by providing business owners with a clear picture of their inventory and sales levels, allowing them to better manage their turnover ratio to maximize profits.

Another aspect of technology help improves operational efficiency, is through business process automation, freeing up valuable human resources to work on the more sophisticated tasks.


Growth in SalesGrowth in sales

Modern technology allows businesses to process a large audience with ease. This gives business owners the power to enjoy expansive business growth without the fear and stress of not being to secure the new market share.

Technology can also be implemented to help businesses better engage with new and existing customers at any point within the sales funnel.

Business owners can also benefit from added insights and analytics provided by technology to better manage their sales and marketing teams through tracking of impressions and conversions.





Today, consumers are savvier than ever before. Before any tangible interaction happens, consumers are introduced to businesses through word-of-mouth and digital marketing channels who then spend a considerable amount of time researching everything about the business and its competitors through online ratings, reviews, and forums.

This is why it is important for businesses to understand and adapt to this behavior. As such, businesses are increasingly employing targeted advertising techniques through detailed segmented personas.

When tangible interaction takes place, businesses need to be aware that customers’ tolerance and attention span is much lower than it was previously, and it is the norm for them to share their feedback about their experiences through online channels.

Accessibility to information has never been so easy;  websites, mobiles, and online forums are just a few ways that have made it easier to get access to the information. Technology provides many options for you to reach out and get in touch with a customer. It also allows you to offer more channels for taking care of customer service issues. Many companies are taking advantage of technology by promoting their products and services.





Branding is one of the fundamental philosophies behind marketing: as your brand grows in prevalence in the customer’s mind, they will become more likely to prefer it. Modern branding often includes social media efforts, but it can also go deeper. Making sure your website is always modernized, is a must-have in branding 101. 

Brand consistency from the design perspective, choice of colors, look and feel through to any copy you communicate to your customers needs to be adhered to strictly and entirely throughout all your channels, as you never know which channels a customer could come from.

Businesses must embrace technology into their branding strategy, to [not only] remain relevant in the eyes of their customers, but to also expand the reach into untapped audiences.


ScalabilityTechnology assists businesses with scalability by improving business processes and infrastructure. Business processes can be improved by utilizing productivity software suites such as Trello. Process automation can be achieved by defining and setting up customized software tools through your trusted software development partner. Infrastructure improvements can be achieved by moving physical infrastructure to the cloud, such as removing the unreliable shared portable hard drive floating around in the office and start using resource collaboration tools such as Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive. Another crucial piece of infrastructure that can be migrated to the cloud is your web systems, a cloud network enables businesses to scale with ease smoothly during periods of unplanned spikes in traffic.

It is never too late to review your infrastructure and implement whatever is necessary so that your business is ready for expansion when it is time for it to happen.



To sum up, in this ever-changing world, modern technological advancements and inventions have amplified the venues of growth for a business. These innovations if incorporated into a business can not only boost the customer base but also increase customer satisfaction.

There are many benefits of implementing technological innovations which include improvement in the operational efficiency of your company, enhancement in sales, accessibility to a wider customer base, better product branding, and in turn, enables the ease of scalability of your business.

Hence, the effect of technology on businesses cannot be ignored and it is necessary to make modern software programs and social media channels a part of your business. By embracing these technological upgrades you can reorganize your business in such a way that it leads to an increase in sales and revenue.

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