Sustainable Brands Platform

by Rozhin Kardan

Allow us to introduce you to our lovely client M, she is the founder of Shop with M™. Anyone who is thrilled to learn more about sustainable consumption should check out her platform. The goal of her company to make sustainable consumption become a norm in everyday life. The Shop with M™ platform allows users to find and identify sustainable brands and businesses easily through her app.





Sustainable Brands owners are able to apply to be on this online platform if their business practices sustainability values matching the 5 Factors of Sustainable Consumption - Impact on Human Health, Environmental Impact, Respect for Human Rights, Respect for Animal Rights and Socio-Economic Advantage. Only approved brands who manufacture and sell ethically made products are featured the platform.


Shop with M™ is a content-driven network built for shoppers who are interested in sustainable living!







Web development





Due to the nature of the business, we had a very limited budget to work with. This was particularly challenging as the client wanted not only a custom website but a custom app as well. In order for us to complete the project within budget, we needed to provide the client with a series of compromises that would have the least impact on the final product.




The design elements of the website is based on a theme that was purchased on Themeforest. This greatly reduced the overall cost of the project which was appreciated. Adjustments to the base theme were made with respect to the client’s brand ideology. 


The client opted in with the signature blue color, which portrays the feeling of serenity and peace. These are emotions the client wants her brand to be associated with.




We placed particular emphasis on productivity, introducing features that allow our client to run the business more smoothly.


We built a custom Content Management System allowing administrators to manage content within the website. Most of the content shown on the website is managed by the client.


When Brand applications are submitted, the client receives a notification to review and approve or reject the application. Upon approval, the brand can be created either manually or through a single button click through custom mapping rules between the application and brand that can be configured by admins.


App development