Cinderella is a Vancouver-based professional aesthetic clinic in the non-surgical sector. 

Synic Software is proud to build their entire appointment scheduling and patient management system which is tailored to their need. Based on the client request this application is specifically created for the iOS mobile operating system and it is supported by any Apple device such as iPad. 

Appointment detail




We did the appointment scheduling and patient management system application from scratch based on the owner's need. Before this, the patient data and appointment scheduling were done within prebuild customer relationship management (CRM) software. Since they had minimal control over the functionalities, they decided to have their own customized CRM software instead. 


This application features two different interfaces. The first one is the owner's view and the second one is the technician's view. 


List of the features that are common in both owner's and technician's view.


-Appointment details (technician's view has a side navigation bar)

-Treatment records (past appointments)


-Photos (charting, before and after and other images related to the appointment)

-Be able to start and end treatment

-In end treatment, technician or owner will show the patient how many consumables have been used for that appointment and them to sign

-Add appointment notes in appointment details page

-Ask patient to sign consent forms




Owner's view

View all treatments, consent forms, and inventory

Can also edit the consent forms through the app



One-day view and Team View (in these views, the owner will be able to see all technician’s schedules for easier booking in the future)  
Patient search