Our Company

Synic Software - where business ideas become reality.

Vancouver-based software development house. We are a group of nimble software developers with years of experienced in the field who focuses strongly on delivering projects to our clients successfully.

Our team has been building quality software for our clients in Australia over the past decade. In 2017, we established ourselves in the heart of Vancouver BC on West Georgia Street with the expectation to continue our tradition in delivering quality software to our clients.

At Synic Software, we are known for both our software technical capabilities and being practical in our work, ultimately passing on the savings to our clients. We specialise in building custom applications, custom websites, web applications, e-commerce solutions, implement solutions following best SEO guidelines and mobile applications.

Synic Software also has expertise in software integration with 3rd party hardware and systems such as accounting and billing systems, CRMs and online stores.

Our Mission

Our Mission

nofrills of software development

We know building software is expensive, that's why we've chosen to follow the nofrills approach - that is, sticking to only the essentials.

From conceptualising a business idea, to planning, to building and finally, to delivering your product, there will be many areas that can distract you from succeeding. Which is why at Synic Software, we constantly remind ourselves and our clients to stick to the essentials, so we can stay focused to deliver quality software quicker and at a lower cost.

Why Synic Software?

Here at Synic Software, we spend the effort to know and understand you. Only through understand, we can provide you with a fully tailored solution that fits both your organisation's needs and budget.

We know how stressful it is to turn a business idea into reality, which is why we always take caution to your budget so we can ensure we can maintain our 100% successful delivery rate.

Why Synic Software?

Our Core Values

Our Expertise

Our clients choose us for our technical capabilities and our ability to successfully deliver software.


We have a team of lean software developers helping us delivery quality software on-time.


Not only do we stay practical in our work, we help educate you to make practical decisions to make your business idea a reality.


We take pride in delivering robust software solutions for you, which is why we offer a generous 3 week warranty period for all software we deliver.

On-time, on-budget

On-time, on-budget

It is our highest priority to ensure a smooth on-time and on-budget delivery.

At Synic Software, we are practical in our work. Our internal processes are tuned to be just that, when working on client projects, our only goal is to have the software built correctly, smoothly and on-time.

When working on non-client projects, we heavily promote our Engineers to skill-up, read and share knowledge to the rest of the team.