Cinderella is a professional, non-surgical aesthetic clinic based in Vancouver. Synic Software is proud to be able to create their entire appointment schedule and patient management system that is customized to their needs. Based on the client’s request, this application is created for the iOS mobile operating system and it supports any Apple devices. 




The process of developing the application is very important. Clients express their ideas to us and we help them achieve them. After receiving the requirements from the client, we design a plan and present it to the client. After receiving feedback from the client, we will get to work and implement the plan! While the first part of the project is in progress, we plan for the next phase to get clients' approval.



Synic Software built the application from scratch based on the client’s needs. Before this application, our client used a prebuilt customer relationship management (CRM) software. They had minimal control over the functionalities, which led them to have their own customized CRM software developed. 


This application features two different interfaces - the owner’s view and the technician’s view.



If the client has a problem, we have a solution. We present options to the client, what it would result in, and the cost of each option. Based on the client’s budget or priority, we let them have the last say in what they want.




There are many challenges to our work. Due to the nature of the business, there is always a budget limit. We have to work within a budget but at the same time deliver an optimal product that caters to the client’s requirements. Additionally, a lot of times, functions added aren’t needed or needed but aren’t added in a customized application. These are some of the major challenges in developing a custom system.